Awards and recognition

Recognition is essential for encouraging and motivating young talent to work harder and improve. Not only does ISCO provide recognition to budding innovators, it also provides them with resources to hone their prowess even more and eventually push the boundaries of human knowledge.

The awards table is listed below.

Round 1:

Rank Award Prizes worth
50 students in top 1000 Certificate of excellence ₹10,000

Round 2:

Rank Award Prizes worth
10 students in top 100 Goodies + Certificate ₹10,000

Round 3:

Rank achieved by school team Award Prizes worth
1st Team International award for Most Creative School ₹25,000
2nd Team International award for being the 2nd Most Creative School ₹20,000
3rd Team International award for being the 3rdMost Creative School ₹15,000

Terms and Conditions applied. Prizes depends on the resources available and quality of participation.

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