Our Story

We started Intellify with our vision to change the education system in India. Since our undergraduate days, We always felt the lack of a system or platform that gave the govt school kids and underprivileged kids motivation to be innovative and creative. Lack of a common platform that gave them a chance to compete with the Private School kids always left them asking for more. Along with this, we felt the schools were continuing in the same way they were 150 years ago, with the focus on getting the syllabus completed and exams done.

What we do?

We saw that there is a grave need to bring a paradigm shift in education space in India with focus back on learning, innovation and creativity backed by a first platform in India that has everyone on it - Kids from the privileged background and the kids from the underprivileged at the same time, with resources available for everyone without any discrimination for them to explore and become a master at their innate abilities, continuous monitoring and support to hone those skills and talents.

Intellify aims to be a platform available for all the kids across the nation that doesn't discriminate on basis of anything but promises to help each and everyone who wants to improve!

Core Team Members

Amar Srivastava

Amar leads Intellify with a vision to change the education system with more focus on creativity rather than rote learning. He intends to create a platform that motivates the govt. school students to give in their best and make resources available to them that are available to the pvt. school students.

Satvik Paramkusham

Satvik is currently final year undergraduate student at IIT Delhi. He is extremely passionate about bringing a change in the Education scenario in India.

Abhishek Yadav

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Avinash Bhutani

I am an undergraduate at IIT Delhi pursuing Btech in Electrical Engineering. To know more about me visit : www.iitd.info/limites or Write me at avinash@intellify.in


Rupsha Bhattacharya


Creative and a passionate writer, it is the field of education that interests me a lot. Looking forward to work with Intellify in the coming years.

Sukrati Gautam


I’ve always been fascinated to work in the education field.I handle content and event management work at Intellify.I feel euphoric to be a part of team Intellify.

City Ambassadors

Ashutosh Singh


B.Com Hons student .I strongly believe that it's a great platform to explore new things and learn a different types of skills ... it's a great boon for students who wants such type of helps in their school time....

Gaurav Kakran


A Mechanical Engineering Graduate, an avid learner and traveller.
I am working with Intellify to work in the CSR domain for Education. The students drive my curiosity and make me look into microcosm of learning.

Oshin Grace Johnson


Pursuing Economics Honours with psychology. I believe in Intellify’s vision of transforming the present education system which would appreciate the importance of learners to think out of the box and bring in innovation to their thinking.



An outgoing person with an inherent workaholic nature who loves to take responsibilities and keeping up the commitments. Purnisha is currently pursuing BSc. and BA English Hons. A member of Intellify, on a mission of reaching out to each and every student and teacher of schools and spreading the vision of intellify.



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