Intellify is the education initiative set up under Solve,a not for profit trust, established by the students and alumni of IIT Delhi with the aim to 'solve' the problems plaguing the Indian Education System.

Point of test is not to judge the strength or weaknesses but to certify him/her as Ok or Fail.
Children must be taught 'How to think' but not 'What to think'.
Unless we fix our school kids are going to look boring, uninspiring and dull.

What It Is!

Every hour, one student commits suicide in India. The kind of education which is getting imparted in our education system is making them dull, boring and uninspired

Everybody is judged though the same set of parameters in the same test. As Einstein said, “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Mostly teachers in India are frustrated because of less respect for the profession and poor salary packages. Without appreciation of the subject, they struggle to impart the same in students.

Love has always been seen as one of the important gradients of learning process. Most of the times this is missing in our schools.

What It Should Be!!

Schools should be made self-sustaining centres of learning which should make the students feel they are succeeding in the sphere of life where their interest may lie with. It should be a continuous learning process not limited to school. School should help in finding your passion. The life skills are something we need to learn. It is very important to apply the concepts what we learn in real life.

Can we have an exam to span all of it? Maybe no. But we shall reach nearest we can.Check out how ISCO works here

You have the liberty. In Finland teachers are free to choose how to teach things – the didactical side.
I can choose to do a project on something or I can just teach it the traditional way, or we can do something else. It’s all up to me.

- Teacher, Hauhon yhtenäiskoulu

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Students love when a teacher tries hard to remember their name. When he/she call their names just to ask their whereabouts.

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